Monday, March 9, 2015

Year of the Goat (2015)

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if people are still reading blogs and browsing through them. They are all busy with online shopping and leisure reading. Well, it has been a while since I posted something here. And I wish I have the time and courage to update more on what has happen to me.

I guess through writing it in here, it is some form of a way for me to express everything that have been bottled up inside of me. A lot of things happened to the past year. But I think, this year, 2015 has drastic effect on me.

Let us start by reminiscing what I have been doing in 2013, apart for my Chinese New Year post which is soooo two years ago. 2013 was a great year for me. A lot of ups and downs. I started working at a new place. In charge of 2 Chinese lawyers which both have different personalities. Sometimes I wonder, how can I manage to work with them. Okay, lets not talk about work. Its dull and boring.

I went to Turkey in November 2013 with my Mother and my aunties. It was hectic and fun. My previous trip which was in 2012, I went to the Incredible India. Okay, forget about my trip to India. Okay. Turkey. I was fun! I visit a lot of places, such as Istanbul, Ankara. And have I mentioned? I went for a HOT AIR BALLOON rider. And the pilot is gorgeous. I even score myself for a free boat ride along the Bosporus River. We went to Pamukkale also know as Cotton Castle. The local beliefs that the water there have special healing powers. Hmmm.... What else? I think i will write into it soon.

Lets move on to 2014, I patch things up with my boss. The hard headed one. And i'm hard headed too. Throughout the end of the year, i found out that my behavior is changing. I become more tempered. I become more angry. More sad. Its all because of that both of my Chinese Boss is leaving. Im entering the stress period.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chinese New Year!

Saturday, 9th February 2012

Well, Assalamualaikum and Hi everybody!
Sorry for the late update. Been busy settling down with my new job. As we all know, this year is the year of the snake! I was born in the year of the snake. So I was hoping that this year will bring me ONG! ;)
Who knows I might get a boyfriend this year and probably get married ke. Who would know kan. Except for Allah S.W.T So far, life has been wonderful. I'm truly grateful and blessed.

Let start with the week before CNY. Well, since I'm working in KL and my house is in Ipoh. I have to travel back for CNY. Guess what, I nearly haven't got a ticket to get back home to Ipoh to CNY. But, luck was on my side when I manage to get a bus ticket at the last minute. Few days before I was like a mad woman searching for ticket all over town. And most of the tickets are sold out. I cried my heart out at KL Sentral. I asked my friends who are available if they are willing to give me a ride back home. I was completely and terribly desperate! Haha.

So, cut to the chase. My bus ticket was on Saturday at 8 am. And the night before that, I was hanging out with my BFF, Faisal Johar at Idaman. Its good to be around your best friend and share stories because he was eager to know about what I've been up to at work. TEHEE. So at 12++ midnight I reach home. Thank god that the house is just near the Idaman. As I reached home, I started to pack my bag. Because I haven't pack for my trip home. I slept around 3am and have to wake up at 6++ am. Just imagine that.

The next day, as I make my way to the Kelana Jaya LRT, I saw LDP was empty. Less car. Not so many people on the road. I waited for an hour for my bus to come, it finally reach at the LRT at 9.  When I boarded the bus, I bbm'ed my mom telling her that I'm on the bus and heading to Ipoh. And I doze off after that since I slept only for 3 hours the night before. The traffic was congested. Just imagine, it took one and a half hour just to reach Rawang R&R. IMAGINE that people! My butt is getting numb because sitting in the bus for soooooooooooooooooooo long. The bus make a stop at R&R Tapah. I was screaming in my head, why the bus has to make stops. I just want to reach home. The entire way, I was sleeping. Cannot stand the traffic and all. And I reach Ipoh around 3pm. It was the longest bus drive every!! I've been sitting in the bus for 5 freaking hours!

As I reach home, I was relieved. I manage to lie on my back. Haha. I don't really remember what I do at home but I was glad to meet my baby! Haha.

At night, my dad texted me saying that he will be arriving shortly. So we have to go and pick him up at Medan Gopeng bus terminal. When he enter the car, he asked 'Nak makan mana?' and I was like 'Nak makan kat tempat yang paling mahal kat Ipoh'. Haha. To tell you the truth, we seldom eat outside. If people come to Ipoh and asked me where is the nicest place to eat, I would say I don't know. For me, the best place to eat is at my house. My mom's cooking that is. Its true. Her cooking is delicious and fabulous. Ok, back to the story, so my dad brought me and my mom to this hotel. Hotel at the river front  in the heart of Ipoh. Not all the time we had the chance to eat out. So, I was making the best out of it. Haha. Here are some pictures. It was nice being the only child for the night. Not having my 2 annoying brother around.

So, this is me. With my awful pose.

Me mama.

And me papa.

And this is what I had for dinner.
Sirloin steak. Since, I'm crazy about meat. Its not very good though. Its not juicy. My mom cook it much better. 

After dinner, we went to the so called I-city Ipoh to snap some pictures. My mom and dad do most of the snapping. I was acting foolishly while they took my hideous picture of me.

At midnight, I wishes my dear beloved bosses Happy Chinese New Year and a few of my other Chinese friends. And my boss send me this. 

I was sooooooooooooo happy!! Word can't even describe it.

Ginger was home at night because he is afraid of the noise made by the fire cracker. Since, I'm living in a Chinese housing area. Fire cracker are everywhere. So beautiful.

Sunday, 10th February 2013

The next day, we went to my second cousin wedding in Bercham. Nothing much happened there. At night, we had dinner at the Hadramawt Ipoh. This time, the 5 of us are there. The food is nice and the service is fast. We arrived kinda late there, but we manage to get our food fast. My mom said it is all because I was there because the waiter has been eyeing since the beginning we are there. Auw, mom. Don't flatter me.  After dinner, we went straight back home. End of story.

Monday, 11th February 2013

In the morning, I gave Ginger a bath since he haven't had one in a long period of time. At 11, my mom and I went to Tesco and Jusco shopping for groceries because we are going to have a makan besar tonight. Celebrating my dad's birthday in advance and my lil brother belated birthday and not to forget celebrating CNY as well. For lunch, my mom and I stopped to eat at Sushi King. It has been our thing to eat at Sushi King every time I'm back. Next time its going to be at Sakae Sushi. Ok, lets cut to the chase. I'm tired of typing the key board already.

So this are what we had for dinner. My mom cooked Lamb! Mary had a little lamb. I'm a happy kid. I love meat so much!

And this is my first attempt of making Red Velvet Cake. My mom said it was delicious. I'm proud. 

Merah, Merah, baru Chinese New Year Maaaaa.

Tuesday, 12th February 2013

My last day in Ipoh, because tomorrow I'll start working already. My mom cooked Spaghetti Carbonara. She made it from scratch. Viola! With salad on a side. 

I made my way to KL at 1 am in the morning with my BFF Faisal Joe. And reached my auntie's place at 2.50 am. Both of us are glad that there was smooth. 

That is all folks. My Chinese new year story. 
Gong Xi Fa Cai all.

Guess what, I've been missing my bosses for the couple of days. TEHEE.

This is what I call killing few birds with one stone.
Writing a few events in one post. Haha.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year.

Assalamualaikum dan Hai semua.

Hurm, last update was on the 6th of October 2012. Tu pun comprises of few HIGHLIGHTED events in one post. Kira okaylah tu sebab baru 2 bulan tak update blog kan? If selalu update pun, ada ke orang baca? I'm not as popular as Kak Maria Elena kita sebab her posts is always AWESOME!

Okay, cut to the chase. Let see, nak update pasal apa ye??

Owh, I quit my job. I quit my job as a lecturer cum acting course coordinator at Lincoln University College, Kelana Jaya. Well, I manage to work there for 7 months only. Lepas tu tak boleh tahan dah. Too much drama. Kalah sinetron indonesia tu. What I can say is that, I gained a lot of experience there. Frankly speaking, when people asked me where I've work at, aku macam berat gila mulut nak bercerita dekat mana tempat kerja aku. I'm seriously ashamed of telling people. So, I end up saying, 'Oh, kerja dekat this one college in Kelana Jaya'. Pastu dorang pun cakaplah nama KDU and etc. Aku macam iyakan je. Haha. Silly me. 

Despite of being ashamed for the place I've work in, itulah tempat aku mencari nafkah selama 7 bulan. Dekat tempat itulah aku kenal macam-macam jenis manusia. Dekat tempat itulah aku kenal kawan yang baik and tak judge aku. Dekat tempat itulah yang membuat aku kuat sekarang. Aku pernah menangis, menyorok bawah meja sebab nak lari dari students. Macam-macam experienced la aku gained from there. Siapa sangka dari 0 knowledge, aku manage to run a department with the shortage of manpower and guidance from the others. It comes with side effect of course, aku jadi heartless and bad tempered and not to forget... I become more rebellious. Haha. 

Aku tender resignation letter aku sebelum aku betul-betul dapat another secure job. Gila tak aku? Gamble gila. Aku tender bulan 10. So aku ada masa until December je to score me a secure job. So dalam period 2 bulan tu, aku pergi interview sana sini. And honestly, aku memang tak ada hati dah nak buat apa-apa kerja within that 2 months. Aku pun resign as the post of acting course coordinator. Time tu aku happy sangat. Tapi ada pening-pening jugalah. Pening memikirkan perangai boss aku tu. Super menyampah dengan dia!!

Well, I still care for my students till now. Mana taknya, 7 months is a long period tau. Rindu Auntie, rindu Jeniffer, rindu Alice, rindu Aainaa, rindu Tasha. Tu la geng aku kat situ. Aku geng dengan orang tua-tua je. Geng tua remaja ni tak main la.

Okay, I want to end this chapter of story of my life. It was the greatest experience and memory ever!

Kan masa dorang buat farewell untuk aku, and I have to give a speech. Aku speechless kot. Tapi aku tetap gagahkan juga untuk bercakap. I think the word 'Thank You' isn't enough with the love, support and friendship yang mereka bagi tu. I will always remember them.

Now, I already found myself a new job. Not in the teaching profession. But something far more different from the field I studied. I'm now a litigation clerk. I work in a law firm now. It located somewhere in Bangsar. If any of you want a lawyer, feel free to contact me. I'll hook you with the best lawyers in town baby!!

Baru 8 days there. Baru sangat lagi. My work basically doing admin work and take care of my boss. And oh, did I mention, I have 2 bosses. Not to be racist or anything, my bosses are Chinese. Haha. They are KC and YL. They called themselves as the Communist. Communist? Go back to your country then. I'm basically a beef patty stuck between two hot white buns. Haha. *if dorang baca ni, I'm gonna be burned meat
So far, I'm enjoying my work there. Stress free, hustle free. Even my best friends pun cakap I'm more happy based on my Tweet that I've tweeted. Aku pun tak paham how they analyze it. Well, I hope this new place is gonna be good to me. The people are friendly.

Hah, about my 2 bosses. Aku baru encounter KC ni for 5 days and YL ni for 2 days. So far, okay kot. Agak takut jugak sebab kena juggle 2 men. I never know how to juggle 2 men. I more to the setia to one person type. Haha. If both of the bosses is being nice. I can be nice too. If they are being mean. I can be mean too. Be mean and fierce baby! Aku ni nampak je macam ni, tak keluar lagi aura harimau betina and mak tiri. Jangan sampai keluar dah le. Okay, end of story. If nak tau perkembangan me at work, just follow me on Twitter. Haha. *siap promote siot!* I hope okaylah. Penatlah nak jump to a new job. Penat. Okay, tu jelah kot. Hah, and I learned a lot of new words. Jargon.

Okay, tahun ni aku akan officially jadi 24 tahun. Say what? 24. I'm turning 24. Biar betik weh. Dah tak muda remaja dah aku ni. 24? 24? Feel like screaming biar 1 dunia ni dengar. Cepat gila masa berlalu. I don't feel 24. I feel like I'm 19.

Since sudah masuk tahun baru and all, what is your resolutions??? Aku malaslah nak ber'resolution' bagai. Tak pernah tercapai pun. Tapi apa yang aku harapkan, aku nak memperkukuhkan lagi Iman aku. Akan try sedaya upaya untuk cukupkan solat 5 waktu, jadi anak yang solehah untuk ibubapa aku, jadi role model untuk adik-adik aku, and jadi tuan yang baik untuk GINGER. Apa lagi eh? Oh, moga-moga dapat jodoh cepat. Kalau tak aku kena berkahwin dengan pilihan mak ayah. Tapi aku okay je. Just, naklah cari dulukan. Pastu nak menabung. Menabung banyak-banyak pastu pergi vacation. Syoknya!

Well, I guess I need to end here. Selagi tak stop, selagi tu aku membebel-bebel benda bukan-bukan.

Ginger tu intan payung aku kot. Collar dia hilang lagi. So kena beli baru. Things I would do for the person/ animal I love.-_-
Okay, bye. Good night.

Will try to update as frequent as possible. SO NOT!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blast from the past

Assalamualaikum semua. Serious lama tak update blog. Last post was on the 8th of April 2012. Gila lama kan??? Well, Alhamdulillah last September 7th was my 23rd birthday. Bersyukur sangat kerana Allah bagi lagi peluang untuk beribadah kepada-Nya dan ruang dan peluang untuk membaiki diri.

Banyak sangat yang dah berlaku for the past few months. Life have been hectic ever since.

Here are some short summaries of the events that had happened for the past few months:-

Birthday my Emak tercinta. Buat strawberry jelly cheesecake.

*Got a new job. Bermastautin ke Kuala Lumpur. Dekat 5 bulan tanam anggur kat rumah. Relationship dengan Mak tercinta tak berapa nak A.OK.
Once dah move here, relationship kembali ok. Here's the thing, me and my mom, kitaorang ni tak boleh dekat sangat tau. Kalau dekat je, nak berkelahi jelah kerjanya. Time jauh-jauh baru ok.
*And if tak silap, this month gak my dad masuk hospital. Ada some complication. Tapi, Alhamdulillah, he is fine.
* Got new friends. Best sangat mereka-mereka ni.

*Hurm, tak berapa nak ingatlah what had happened on this month. Hectic kerja. Jalan-jalan, makan-makan. Tu je la kot.

* Kerja as usual. Dapat naik pangkat. Hahaha.
* Dapat free tickets to go and watch football match between Man City and Arsenal lawan dengan Malaysia.
* Tengok Man City vs Malaysia with Afzal Nazrin. It was a nice game. First time oh tengok bola live. Haha.

* Kerja macam biasa.
* Raya! Raya! Raya!
* Masak! Masak! Masak!
* Makan! Makan! Makan!
* Jumpa kawan-kawan, saudara-mara.

                                                                  Geng raya bersama!

I just love SEPTEMBER!!! Because it is my birth month.
I get a bouquet of roses, 3 cakes and lots and lots of LOVE! Alhamdulillah.
23 years and counting.
Birthday Girl dengan cake-cakenya.

My first ice-cream cake. Thanks alot Sapina & Anis.

After seminggu baru nak wish. Bagus punya bestfriend!

                                         Gathering dengan Geng Taman Pelangi. Sayang sorang-sorang.

Alice punya FAREWELL. Gonna miss u Alice!


For the time being, tu je lah highlights of those months. Sekarang ni banyak cerita best-best keluar. Stress sangat. Tu je. Okay. Bye. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jom kita belajar.


Ni vocabulary yang tak ada dalam kamus dewan bahasa or oxford, or apa-apa lah jenis kamus.

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